with the global luxury expert network (glen)

In all Luxury Institute consulting services, clients receive real-time intelligence, diverse perspectives, strategic and tactical analysis, innovations, recommendations and solutions from its Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN), including hundreds of consultants.

Consulting areas of expertise:


-Product innovation + development

-market intelligence + research

-Customer Experience



-Social Media


-Brand Influencers

-business metrics + kpis

-crm + support systems integration

-sales + business development

-Channel Management


-Corporate Training

-Human Resources

-Organizational Transformation

-Technology Vendor Assessment

-Start-ups, Acquisitions + Divestitures


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recent consulting (glen) projects


One luxury expert team comprised of 16 C-Level executives from 12 different luxury goods and services categories participated in a project to assist a large U.S. hotel company and its overseas partner to generate and develop the business plan for a new luxury brand. 


Two teams, one comprised of 10 wealthy consumers, and another comprised of 6 C-Level luxury experts from 6 different luxury categories, assisted a major Silicon Valley company in developing the product attributes, benefits and features, and full commercial launch plan for an innovative new technology.


One team of especially selected luxury experts who previously worked for Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and Chanel, among other top-tier brands, assisted in designing the omni-channel Customer Experience for a top luxury automotive brand.


A group of luxury executives and entrepreneurs, led by Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza, rigorously vetted and invested in an innovative new start-up involved in the luxury accessories shared-access model over several weeks. Since then, the start-up has received investment from several of the world’s top luxury investors, many top-tier brands have joined the network, and the company has already received acquisition offers.  


A small team of hand picked luxury experts recently worked overnight in the luxury home appliances industry to deliver competitive analysis and brand positioning recommendations overnight for a multi-billion dollar client for a presentation to its chief executive.