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Today, the Luxury Institute conducts all client projects and programs using its Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN), which is comprised of hundreds of global luxury expert consultants. Collectively, this establishes Luxury Institute as the largest luxury and premium consulting firm in the world. Our elite experts have a minimum of 12-years of operating experience with top-tier brands, most with over 20-years of experience, and are current and/or former C-level, VP or Director executives with proven track records of high-performance. Below we feature a few of our top-tier global luxury experts.

  • Former Vice President of Sales + Marketing, The Ritz-Carlton

  • Former Vice President of Marketing, Sub-Zero Wolf

  • Former President, Intermix

  • Former Vice President Global Talent Development, Four Seasons

  • Former Vice President of Marketing, CHANEL

  • Former President, Direct to Consumer, DKNY

Thank you for such a wonderful Retail Expert Workshop. I am so excited to bring the findings to our Global HQ team so they can see the wonderful experts you recruited and helpful stories you elicited through great facilitation.
— Senior Manager Product Innovation, Global Brand


interested in joining glen?

To become a member of the Global Luxury Expert Network, you must have a minimum of 12-years of operating experience in a category of the luxury and premium sector. Your application is completely complimentary, and quick and easy! There are three possible ways to participate in the Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN) as an active member:

1. A client submits a Request for Proposal (RFP), and we identify the most qualified experts for the project. Sometimes experts work behind the scenes, and sometimes directly with Luxury Institute and the client. If you are selected to participate: we notify you, brief you, you decide to participate, and all parties agree on methods, deliverables, timeline, and fees in advance via a legal agreement. It's that simple!

2. You have a client with an agreed project, or are bidding on a project Request For Proposal (RFP) and you need support from GLEN to execute it. We select and align the resources, and all parties agree deliverables, timeline, and fees in advance via a legal agreement. 

3. You refer a client to GLEN and, even if you don’t participate in the project, if GLEN is selected to do the project, you will receive a referral fee equal to 10% of the project revenue, based upon the client agreement.

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