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Become a Global Luxury Expert Network Member

To become a Luxury Institute Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN) member, you must have a minimum of 12-years of operating experience and/or be a current/former C-level, VP or Director level executive. All experts must specialize in luxury and premium goods and/or services brands and can be:

  1. Full-time luxury goods and services executives

  2. Executives and experts who are currently between jobs

  3. Independent experts who have had successful corporate and/or entrepreneurial careers

How to participate:

Members of the Global Luxury Expert Network lend their expertise by participating in short-term projects or referring clients and projects to Luxury Institute.

There is no fee to join. We compensate you for the value and contributions you bring through your participation in projects or referrals.

categories we have served:

  • Automotive

  • Beauty, Cosmetics + FRAGRANCES

  • Food + Beverage

  • Retail: Apparel, Jewelry, Watches, Leather Goods, Shoes, Accessories, Travel Goods, Home + Lifestyle

  • Hospitality

  • Technology + Electronics

  • Real Estate

  • Private Aviation

  • Travel: Business, Leisure + Exploratory

  • Wealth Management + Financial Services

  • Yachting

Thank you for such a wonderful Retail Expert Workshop. I am so excited to bring the findings to our Global HQ team so they can see the wonderful experts you recruited and helpful stories you elicited through great facilitation.
— Senior Manager Product Innovation, Global Brand

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