Training System


the science

We study and combine Neuroscience, High-Performance, and Technology Science.


the pillars

We define emotional intelligence into actionable pillars that can be executed in any scenario daily.


the system

We provide a self-mastery and coaching system that transforms individuals into elite mental athletes.


the results

We enable teams to improve creativity, innovation and productivity while dramatically improving KPIs.

Through the Luxury Institute's Luxcelerate System, we have helped our clients, luxury, premium and mass B2C and B2B brands, to significantly improve client data collection, conversion, average transaction value, retention, and referral rates. The purpose of Luxcelerate is to transform your brand's professionals and managers from being predominantly disengaged transactors into highly proactive, emotionally intelligent client relationship builders. We enable your brand’s DNA to come to life daily by customizing our techniques and methodologies specifically for your unique needs.


Worldwide, we utilize 120 best-in-class certified facilitators and trainers to rollout the process across 50+ countries and 15+ languages. Our certified facilitators and trainers have been highly vetted, are locally culture-savvy, utilize local languages to maximize client understanding of all content, and have an average of 18 years of operating business experience.


Our advanced, high-performance system is based on continuously conducted and tested empirical research combined with proven best practices, insights derived from aviation, the armed forces, education, medicine, professional sports, and behavioral and positive psychology, as well as from our own innovative and cutting-edge tested and proven techniques.

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the luxcelerate process

  • STEP 0: Discovery of Brand and Individual Purpose, Values and Performance and Alignment on the Process

  • STEP 1: Creation of a Brand’s Client Experience

  • STEP 2: Learn and Practice of Luxury Institute’s proprietary High Performance Self-Mastery and Coaching System

  • STEP 3: Completion of Annual Individual Certification

  • STEP 4: Implementation through Train-the-Trainer Sessions

  • STEP 5: Team and Individual Traction and On-Going Reinforcement

  • STEP 6: Reinforcement, Refinement & Final Commitment

  • STEP 7: Process Tracking with On-Going Execution & Reinforcement


The Luxcelerate Process can be executed with any size team: 5 to 500,000. The content and length of the process is completely customized for each client. All Luxcelerate content and the proprietary methodology is available for annual license purchase.

what we hear from our clients 

Former President, Direct to Consumer at DKNY

In partnership with the Luxury Institute team, we experienced tremendous success for the brand during the Q4 busy season in 2014. Acknowledging a double-digit traffic decline, we engaged the Luxury Institute to leverage its Luxcelerate system to help us. The Luxury Institute team worked with our Madison Avenue flagship, which included 26 employees and represented 30% of the company’s volume. Through the Luxcelerate system and its intensive sales and relationship building training process, customer conversion improved by 40% with a +25% sales to traffic leverage, increasing net sales by +8%. The results were very important since the balance of the store chain saw negative sales and was flat in conversion. The positive results from the Q4 16-week Luxcelerate system test continued at our Madison Avenue flagship store throughout 2015. Through the empowerment provided by our management and the Luxury Institute team, the sales team grew confident in the system and in their relationship building skills. From this, we were able to scale the program across the network.

sales professional at gucci - Beverly Hills, CA

Through this process, I achieved a +101% increase in sales in 6 months; I love that! However, what I love most is that while I have better and more client relationships at work, I have seen significant improvement in my personal life and the relationships I have with my family and friends. To me, that’s what this is all about.

former Senior VP of Retail at Tourneau

The training program [Luxcelerate] helped us re-train our entire team of sales professionals and dramatically improve their overall effective selling skills. [Luxcelerate] helped us develop specific coaching techniques for our managers to improve the overall performance of all of their sales professionals. With the implementation of [Luxcelerate], we were able to improve our margins by over 400 base points while also improving our percent to retail dramatically; conversion, sales, and EBDITA all increased by high double digits. We were also able to move our stores to a full price selling model, which, of course, improved our bottom line profits significantly. I would highly recommend Luxury Institute if you are looking to improve your client experience within your organization.

Former CEO at Gurwitch Products (Laura Mercier)

Thanks to our engagement with Luxury Institute’s Client Culture [Luxcelerate] implementation, the business in our #1 Market (New York Metro), which accounted for ~15% of our business, went from flat to 15% and increased retention in one location by 50%. The program enabled our sales, education, and artistry group to create daily rituals, behaviors and metrics to deliver the client experience mandated by our company culture.

Former global VP + Chief Consumer Officer at Gucci

I would like to thank you for the great honor of sharing with you the starting of the important and phenomenal cultural change operated at the Gucci stores. I acknowledge your innovative and performance driven approach as a source of inspiration and would like to personally thank you for your support at Gucci.

*In 2017, Gucci increased revenue by +48% in Q1, +39% in Q2, and +49% in Q3. Kering, its parent company, reported that +51% of the brand's growth was driven by sales in its own stores.

founder + ceo at knot standard

The Luxcelerate system provided not only an increase in sales performance – 54% increase in sales and 11% increase in average order value in six months – it also provided a consistent management platform to facilitate expansion into new markets. Creating consistent practice, measurement, coaching methodology and language for managers and sales associates is a massive improvement as we scale our business.

ceo at Cos bar

Although you think your luxury organization might be doing things right, Milton and his [Luxcelerate] program are truly transformative.The Luxury Institute’s Luxcelerate program transcends physical and digital and gets everyone on board to put the customer first and do it methodically and in way that makes everyone accountable. Milton and his team worked with us internally to become incredibly prepared for their program. Not only is Milton able to connect with traditional retailers and the digital teams, we were so enthralled by the program, the quote “what would Milton do” evolved throughout our entire managers meeting. We look forward to continue to work with him in a capacity that really drives our business and have the upmost faith and confidence in what Luxury Institute brings to our business.

selling supervisor at Gucci - New York, NY

I improved my sales by +141% in six months. This was a serious mindset change for me. Instead of calling something a ‘problem’ I called it a ‘challenge’. It’s about staying organized, prioritizing and asking yourself questions... What is it that I really need to do? Am I providing value? What is something new that I can try?... Being self-aware and mindful of your behaviors and emotions, you learn to understand how you can be better. That’s not something a manager can teach, it’s something you have to do for yourself.